The following is a list of the crewmembers of the Athena who have appeared in the various stories posted so far. The eight principal members of the crew are shown in their own separate pages, including an illustration, while the remaining crew are listed simply by name, rank, position and the story they first appeared in, although some have separate pages.


Captain Leonard Thorpe-ship commander
Commander Nadine Johnson-first officer
Lieutenant Commander Aleksandr Rocha-chief of security
Lieutenant Commander Henrietta Vorwoorts-tactical officer
Lieutenant Commander Sanjay Indesakar-chief pilot
Lieutenant Damiko Matsubara-science officer
Lieutenant Commander Rodall Dewuchun-chief engineer
Commander Ger Psakolaps-chief medical officer

Higher-ranked officers who joined the crew after the beginning of the missions.

Lieutenant Commander Julia Bayanhong
An experienced science officer now filling a command role,
first appeared in "Dawn of the Apocalypse," episode 12.

Lieutenant Commander T'Kor
Intelligence officer, joined in "Omega," episode 14.

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Second Shift Bridge Officers:
   Lieutenant Lorne Hathson-the second-shift tactical officer, who was to be assigned to Farragut before that ship's unfortunate demise, and he had served with Commander Johnson before his assignment to the Athena.
   Lieutenant Sandra Ochi-the second-shift pilot, and the first person to actually land the Athena lander module on a planet, whereas the others have done it only in a simulation. Her first appearance was in "Internal Damnation."
   Lieutenant Jules Torin-another of the ship's science officers, and his first appearance was in "Internal Damnation." In "Dawn of the Apocalypse," he was promoted from ensign to lieutenant and became the second-shift science officer.

Third Shift Bridge Officers:
   Ensign Darren Scotts-third-shift pilot, first appeared in "The Dogs of War."
   Ensign Mohammed Hassen-third-shift tactical officer, first appeared in "Future's Wake."
   Ensign Brent Wiley-third-shift engineering bridge officer, first appeared in "Future's Wake."

Security Officers:
   Lieutenant Sal Hakamura-the assistant chief of security. Hakamura was born on the colony world of Philentrophia, and in fact raised in the Odonan section of the planet.
   Lieutenant Henrique Estelle-security officer who was once a member of the Starfleet Marines, and so has specialized combat training. He joined the starship division for a chance to travel in space. His first appearance was "Internal Damnation."
   Lieutenant Bernard Senad-security officer with medical training, and so he often goes on away missions in place of a medical officer. His first appearance was in "The Ripples of Time."
   Lieutenant Richard Gowrwitz-security officer
   Lieutenant Kelsey Hann-security officer with combat training, also an expert in various away-team equipment and in missons requiring environmental suits. His first appearance was in "Curious."
   Ensign Brenda Gomez-security officer, a recent addition to the crew. She first appeared in "Omega."
   Ensign Martaan Collins-security officer with engineering expertise, who goes into potentially dangerous situations where engineering knowledge is needed. He appeared first in "The Naked Reality."
   Ensign Pa'o Ha'iakwa-security officer, who is frequently the duty officer in the security section-hence he is nicknamed "jailor"-and he is also the weapons control officer (responsible for maintaining the various hand-held weapons and keeping track of them). Ha'iakwa is also somewhat athletic. He first appeared in "Omega."
   Ensign Jordan Oldenstein-a security officer, his one and only appearance was in "Dawn of the Apocalypse," in which he was killed by the followers of the Apocalypse Movement.
   Lieutenant Giselle Manheim-a security officer recently added to the Athena from the Starfleet Marine corps to increase the ship's combat capability. Her first appearance was in "An Enemy to Know."
   Ensign Martin Surveep-his only appearance was in "In Remembrance," and he died in the initial Jem'Hadar attack on Jeanerret.
   Ensign Suzanna Tsugochi-a recent addition to the Athena, having joined at Starbase 158 after her previous ship was damaged beyond repair. She first appeared in "Soliloquy."

Science Officers and Technicians:
   Lieutenant Edmund Chang-ship's linguist, who first appeared in "Internal Damnation."
   Lieutenant Connie Lee-historian, an officer who had served on many ships. Her finance was killed during the recent Federation-Klingon hostilities.
   Lieutenant (junior grade) Helene Richeleu-she is the ship's archaeological expert, and so gets to go on lots of away missions to all the ruins-filled worlds the Athena encounters in its journeys.
   Lieutenant (junior grade) Henry Trujewski-a physicist and astrophysicist who thought that a career in Starfleet meant working, at times, on the cutting edge of science, only to find that the Athena is too often at the cutting edge of the Dominion war. He first appeared in "Curious."
   Lieutenant Ottoniel Hattimus-he is the ship's computer specialist, with engineering knowledge to keep the hardware running and with computer programming knowledge to keep the software running-and that is a challenge on a starship. In his spare time, he likes to crack encryption codes. He first appeared in "Curious."
   Ensign Richard Embry-biology lab technician.
   Lieutenant (junior grade) Edmund Corsi-The ship's zoologist and designated caretaker of Dusty. His first apperance was in "Ghosts In the Machine."
   Lieutenant Marlina Tsonga-the computer department head, with expertise in interfacing with alien systems and repairing damaged known systems. She first appeared in "The Naked Reality."
   Lieutenant Nelson Atukompo-the second shift science officer, and perhaps the tallest human on board the Athena who has a reputation for a deep voice, even deeper knowledge of physics, and he has a wonderful singing voice. His first appearance was in "Causality Failure," and he left the ship in "Ghosts In the Machine" as he got a promotion.
   Lieutenant Raymond Guerrero-the ship geologist, who had previously served on mining ships and on terraforming missions, and he also spent time on Janus VI studying Hortas. He first appeared in "An Enemy to Know."
   Ensign Daniel Combes-a biologist and the son of a retired Starfleet admiral-his mothter-Combes was long interested in science, and especially the science of life. The Athena is his first deep-space assignment. He first appeared in "Gift of the Gods."
   Ensign Petius Sargolophous-xenosociologist, human but born on the Earth colony on B Alpha Centauri III, a very rough world. His first appearance was in "Gift of the Gods."
   Lieutenant Margarent Stanslovia-archaeologist recently posted to the Athena after spending years in the Antiquities Recovery Directorate, responsible for tracking down relics stolen from archaeological sites. Stanslovia first appeared in "Gift of the Gods."
   Lieutenant Miranda O'Connor-grew up with an Andorian stepmother, and due to the clash of cultures between Earth and Andorian, she pursued a career in sociology and anthropology, and is now considered an expert in alien culture interaction. Her first appearance was in "Gift of the Gods."
   Lieutenant Victor Lilidos-he is a meteorologist and atmospheric physics specialist, which is not exactly a busy profession on a starship, but there is some alien weather to study. "To Look Towards the Sky" was his first appearance.

Medical Staff:
   Lieutenant (junior grade) Ilych Loetens-the assistant chief medical officer, and specialist in alien physiology, including Odonan. His first appearance was in "Internal Damnation."
   Lieutenant Lesley Elbogen-nurse.
   Lieutenant Ashana Ngyguen-head nurse and lead medical lab researcher, and unofficially, a counselor as the others in the department tend to use her as a person to talk to, mostly because she likes to listen. Her first appearance was in "The Naked Reality."
   Lieutenant André Tieugne-a doctor with medical and marine-officer training, and so often goes on potentially dangerous away team missions. His first appearance was in "The Ripples of Time."
   Lieutenant Lucia Quintollez-the ship's counsellor, born in Lima, Peru, of mixed Spanish and Quechua ancestry. She has also studied archaeology. She first appeared in "The Dogs of War."

   Lieutenant Mark DeWillis-the assistant chief engineer, who took the assignment on the Athena even though it meant eighteen months in a classroom learning all about Odonan warp drive technology. His first appearance was in "Internal Damnation."
   Lieutenant Megan Wilder-transporter chief, first appeared in "The Ripples of Time"
   Ensign Maurice Gibney-one of the engineers in impulse engineering, who first appeared in "Screaming Trees."
   Lieutenant Gary Greggors-another of Dewuchun's engineering staff members, best known for almost being expelled from the Academy for a prank gone wrong. His first appearance was in "Screaming Trees."
   Lieutenant (junior grade) Don Pak-specialist in impulse engineering, and he also does duty as an engineering bridge officer. He appeared for the first time in "Dawn of the Apocalypse."
   Lieutenant Mahingoda Dukkottor-she is the ship's environmental systems chief, and fits the role of environmental chiefs by being short, about the only engineer on staff that Dewuchun does not have to look up at. She first appeared in "The Naked Reality."
   Ensign Alyson Doerring-engineer specializing in computer systems. His first appearance was in "The Naked Reality."
   Lieutenant Hussein El Doubin-engineer specializing in sensors and related technology. His first appearance was in "The Naked Reality."
   Lieutenant Richard Turokuot-an engineer who frequently goes on away missions because he has training and experience in interpreting and understanding alien engineering. He first appeared in "Q As In Quadrant (Part Three)."
   Ensign Guenthor Bolitz-an engineer specializing in warp core systems. He had previously served as an exchange officer on an Odonan ship, so he understands their systems well. He first appeared in "The Naked Reality."
   Ensign Zack Kap-an engineer specializing in crystal technology. "The Naked Reality" was his first appearance.
   Ensign Erik Skolgaad-an engineer with some expertise in legacy engineering, able to understand, repair and use technology that is two to three hundred years old. He was first used in "To Look Towards the Sky."
   Lieutenant Mary Gauve-an impulse engineering specialist, who is getting to know the engines on the Athena very well because of her constant work on them. She first appeared in "To Look Towards the Sky."

Other Officers:
   Ensign Terri Trovellers-machine shop technician. The machine shop makes all the tools and parts necessary to keep the ship running smoothly.
   Ensign Guy Winn-officer on board the Athena, his position not established. In "The Naked Reality," he was the one who had the holoprogram for the Orion Pleasure Planet, purchased from a Ferengi barkeeper on Deep Space Nine who had a name that was the same as some subatomic particle-"boson," he thought.
   Lieutenant Zining Li-officer on board the Athena, her position not established. She is likely an attractive woman since her image was used in the Orion Pleasure Planet holoprogram in "The Naked Reality," quite likely without her permission.
   Chief Petty Officer Debra Warriner-officer on board the Athena, her position not established. In "The Naked Reality," her quarters were briefly commandeered by the comsfosaurus Dusty.

This crew roster for the Athena is current through episode #29, "Soliloquy."

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