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Welcome to the "Star Trek: Athena" website, a site on the Web featuring the stories of the Starship Athena. On this site, in addition to the stories, is some background information on the ship and the characters. The creators of this site welcomes reader submissions and ideas and corrections to the stories and any other details that can be found here.


October 30, 2019. The latest episode in series four of "Star Trek: Athena" is now available. This is The Hiding Game. The Athena, after determining what had happened to the Clements, was now looking for any signs of that mysterious race, which even the Arosians had questions about, the Yubens. Where were they and who were they? The crew finds signs of where they might have gone, and they follow the clues to the Yubens' planet. What do they find there? This can be read online at the link agove, or it can be read off-line as a PDF file.

September 11, 2019. The next episode in series four of "Star Trek: Athena" is now posted. This is Principles, and this is the coonclusion of the storyline from Indistingusihable From Magic. In this story, the Athena attempts to track down the Clements and learn what the crew of that ship did, if anything, that altered the timeline, and undo it. They do find out that things are not as clear-cut and the solution not as obvious as they think. As with the other Series 4 stories, this one is available as a PDF file for off-line reading.

July 31, 2019. The third of the Series 4 episodes is now up, as Episode 104, Indistingusihable From Magic is now available. In this story, the Athena is givent he assignment to track down the Starfleet vessel the Clements, which had a mission exploring the ruins of the Arosian Empire when Starleet lost contact with it. The last known location of the Clements was a planet called Hollos, and the Athena is sent there, whree they encounter an artifact that likely prececeded the Arosians, but the Arosians used it. The crew has to figure out how this relates to the disappearance of the Clements.

July 23, 2019. And at long last, Series 4 of "Star Trek: Athena" is here, with the posting of the first two epiosdes in the fourth series. The first story is Episode 102, Coming Home, and in this story, the Athena has returned to Earth and the crew gets some shore leave, a chance to reconnect with family, while Captain Thorpe prepares for the inevitable inquiry over what happened in the Omerra Open Cluster and at Philentrophia. Captain Thorpe gets reacquainted wiht Damiko Matsubara and their son Hiroshi, and First Officer Bayanhong gets reacquainted with the comsfosaur Dusty, and that leads to a misson right here on Earth. Episode 103 is Silver, and in this episode, the Athena is assigned with one last task concerning the Ksassan incursion. The non-Federation world of Waukins is the last planet occupied by the Ksassans, and the Athena is part of a task force designed to clear the Ksassans from the system. However, the ship picks up a Ksassan who claims he can convince the Ksassans to leave the planet, because he brings word of a greater threat. Both stories are now available, and more are to come. Both stories can be downloaded as PDF files for off-line reading, which would making reading them on mobile devices easier (I am hoping)

The fourth-series epsodes already written are now available, but coming hopefully soon will be Episode 107, "Eve of Destruction.". In this story, teh Athena is on its way back to the Federastion when they notice a star simply disappearing. Upon investigation, they find signs of a powerful new weapon, which had been used on that star. They also learn that there were three copies of the wweapon, and one is missing.< This story will be one oft he stories inthe main series-four arc./p>

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