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Starry, Starry Days

      On the planet of Charamand, a mysterious alien artifact has caused the entire population—and all the biology—to simply disappear. The Athena was sent to investigate, and away teams on the surface soon suffer the same fate as the original population. The crew of the Athena soon learned that a similar phenomenon had occurred on an Odonan planet seventy years earlier, with the implication that the people of the town and the missing members of the crew, including science officer Damiko Matsubara, are alive, but a long, long way from home.

The Gaze of Night

      At the end of the Dominion War, the Athena returned to Earth, where that ship's first officer, Nadine Johnson, is given the chance to achieve her goal, to become captain and command her own ship. She is given command of a new ship, the Majestica, the first Odonan-built Epic-class starship in Starfleet. On its first mission, the ship encounters a previously-unexplored planet where the ramains of a civilization include a ziggurat that rises three kilometres above the ground. When Johnson leads an away team to investigate, they find themselves trapped in the past, when the civilization on that world was still intact. The goal of Captain Johnson is to return to her own time and reclaim the centre seat of the Majestica



      The Athena is sent to Vulcan to pick up a Vulcan team with a mission to investigate what appears to be an empty sector of space. The Athena is the only ship available to get them there fast enough to observe this event, which the Vulcans are convinced will occur. One Vulcan in particular appears to have a hidden agenda about this phenomenon and what it can do for her.



      In the the third "Athena" novel, "Iceball," the Athena intercepts the Palacemoor, a civilian-run research ship trying ot locate a planet that was the source of an old transmission the ship had, a planet that was slowly sliding into a permanent ice age that would turn the world into a ball of ice. Some among the last survivors on the planet do not want their world to be forgotten, and so had sent a message to the stars, and got a response.

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