In addition to the tales of the starship Athena, I have written a large number of other stories in the "Star Trek" setting, using other ships and other crews, and these stories cover the time period from the flights of the Atlas, which operated just after the founding of the Federation in 2163 through the era of the original series and the movies, featuring the stories of the starship Alexandria, an Enterprise-class starship, and then on to the exploits of the Athena and ships operating at the same time period. I also have done stories featuring ships from the Odonan Space Service, which could well be "Star Trek" from an alien point of view. These stories are far too numerous for me to include them all here, so over time, I will be presenting a selection of those stories. The first of these is given below.

Alexandria Stories

The pilot episode of the "Alexandria" series is "In the Field". In this story, Lieutenant Chan Chi Lee, an Odonan exchange officer (and who appears in the "Athena" story "Staring Through the Gates of Hell") comes on board the Alexandria and is introduced to the crew. The ship conducts a rescue mission at the planet of Transcestus IV, and after that mission, Chan deals with the consequences, and her growing relationship with the crew. Although the "Alexandria" stories is an on-going series, I am not giving much advance information on the crew and the ship. The ship itself is an Enterprise-class ship without any special attributes, and information on this ship is extensive in fandom, and in official publications as well, so there is no need to repeat it here. The crew is introduced in the story. This story is equivalent to a double-length "Athena" story. To read on line, click on the link above. In each of the ten sections are links to all the other parts. You can read it on-line to get at least a taste of it, and if you wish to read the whole thing off-line, download the story. Like the "Athena" stories, this one is in rich text format, readable on virtually any word processor.

Atlas Stories

The story "The Flag At the Edge of Space" is a single story detailing the first journey of the Federation starship Atlas, which was sent on a year-long, seven hundred and seventy light year journey to Rigel to attempt to find dilithium, a product that was very valuable to the young United Federation of Planets. Besides the story, some information on Atlas-class starships are given, including a brief article and some schematic illustrations. The story is presented on-line in fourteen parts, although this is a somewhat long story (100,800 words). The story can be downloaded and read off-line. Like other stories, the downloaded version is in the rich text format.

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