Series One Episode Download Page

The following list a list of the files that can be downloaded for the episodes in Series One. To read the downloaded episodes, you will require an unzipping utility like PKUNZIP.EXE (in DOS), WinZip or a similar application. The episode files are stored as .RTF (rich text format) files, and these can be handled by virtually any word processor, including basic Windows programs like "WordPad." Click on a link to download the file. If there are any problems doing downloads from this page, please e-mail me with the problem and I will attempt to fix it.

The episodes here are provided just as a list. See the main episode page for a basic description of the story. Included here, however, are four stories not found on the main page, and are only available in the downloadable version. Three of these stories are the three parts of "Q As In Quadrant," in which the well-known "Next Generation" entity Q takes the Athena on adventures in the other three quadrants of the galaxy. The purpose of this particular three-part episode was to create something more light-hearted and even comical, but it did not turn out that way. The decision on whether or not the incidents are canon has not been made. These files are presented "as is," with the editing incomplete and with a couple of continuity errors not corrected. The second additional story is "Righting Wrongs," in which the Athena heads to the planet Kreo where another ship, more than sixty years earlier, had committed a violation of the Prime Directive. The Athena is there to see how the society on the planet has fared.

The following is a list of Series One episodes available for download.

Episode 1, In Fire (45 KB)

Episode 2, The Ripples of Time (48 KB)

Episode 3, The Convenant of Doom (45 KB)

Episode 4, Internal Damnation (47 KB)

Episode 5, The Dogs of War (46 KB)

Episode 6, Fight or Flight (45 KB)

Episode 7, Screaming Trees (48 KB)

Episode 8, Curious (48 KB)

Episode 9, Causality Failure (57 KB)

Episode 10, Staring Through the Gates of Hell (Part One) (52 KB)

Episode 11, Staring Through the Gates of Hell (Part Two) (106 KB)

Episode 12, Dawn of the Apocalypse (50 KB)

Episode 13, Ghosts In the Machine (48 KB)

Episode 14, Omega (46 KB)

Episode 15, The Naked Reality (49 KB)

Episodes 16-18, Q As In Quadrants (three parts) (145 KB)

Episode 19, Future's Wake (48 KB)

Episode 20, One Valiant Effort (59 KB)

Episode 21, An Enemy To Know (52 KB)

Episode 22(A), 2050 (49 KB)

Episode 22(B), Righting Wrongs (50 KB)

Episode 23, Gift of the Gods (48 KB)

Episode 24, The Question of God (50 KB)

Episode 25, In Remembrance (60 KB)

Episode 26, Song of Liberation (Part One) (51 KB)

Episode 27, Song of Liberation (Part Two) (54 KB)

Episode 28, To Look Towards the Sky (51 KB)

Episode 29, Soliloquy (52 KB)

Episode 30, Species Two (53 KB)

Episode 31, What Dreams They Were (49 KB)

Episode 32, The End Game (123 KB)


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