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The Series 1 stories, which introduces the Athena crew, are listed here. Series 1 stories take place through the Dominion War, ending with the end of the war.

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Series One Stories

Episode 1. In Fire

"In Fire" is the pilot episode of "Star Trek: Athena", and introduces the crew and the captain. The story opens with the battle with the Borg at Earth, and continues with the Athena taking part in its first rescue mission, at a planet surrounded by a plasma fire. As the pilot episode, there are some subtle differences between this story and the others in the series.

Episode 2. The Ripples of Time

The second episode of "Star Trek: Athena" is "The Ripples of Time." While at a mysterious, uncharted planet, the Athena is buffeted by a temporal distortion that when it clears, reveals that the Federation no longer exists. The Athena heads back to a very different Earth, and endeavors to set matters straight.

Episode 3. The Covenant of Doom

In "The Covenant of Doom", the Athena is sent to Eoron, which is about to be hit by a rather large asteroid-as the natives completely expect and accept. Now, Captain Thorpe has to decide if he can accept that, but naturally, things soon become more complicated.

Episode 4. Internal Damnation

While escorting a freighter in "Internal Damnation", the Athena encounters an alien artifact that was not there the last time they came through that region of space. The lander module is left behind to investigate the artifact, and Commander Johnson and Security Chief Rocha encounter a society that exists unlike any they have seen before.

Episode 5. The Dogs of War

In "The Dogs of War", the Athena is sent on a highly secretive mission to strike at the Dominion, with information given on a need-to-know basis only and the strictest security enforced. All the while, Pilot Indesakar wonders and worries about his roles, and the fears of the atrocities he might commit.

Episode 6. Fight or Flight

The Athena is sent to investigate the remains of Maquis settlements destroyed by the Dominion, and in the process, the crew is infected by something that made them fearful in a crisis situation, which is not the best thing to be experiencing when the Jem'Hadar come to visit. Can Chief Engineer Dewuchun save the day in "Fight or Flight"?

Episode 7. Screaming Trees

In "Screaming Trees", the Athena intervenes in what appears to be an internal dispute in a colony, but when they investigate more closely, they find that the people at the planet are completely unaware of what is going on, but they sure do act curious in encouraging all members of the crew to go on shore leave and eat the fruit of a certain tree. Could this be, perhaps, some kind of forbidden fruit?

Episode 8. Curious

The Athena is sent to investigate an alien device which has been constructed around a giant star, a device that is sending off subspace waves interfering with an inhabited system fifty light years away. If the ship cannot figure out what the device is and why it was built, that pre-warp civilization might be doomed. The crew of the Athena become Curious at what this is.

Episode 9. Causality Failure

The Athena arrives at a planet and finds...a derelict Athena! When the away team boards the ship, they are forced to head to the surface, only to find the planet trapped in a time loop as they meet their older selves. In Causality Failure, Johnson, Rocha and Dewuchun try their best to make sure that they do not greet their younger selves fifty-three years later.

Episode 10. Staring Through the Gates of Hell
(Part One)

In Staring Through the Gates of Hell, the first of two parts, the Athena is at the Odonan world of Pusedchou for some replacement warp engine parts. While there, the crew learns of the Dominion attack on Betazed, but the ship is too far away from Betazed to help. However, the Athena soon finds that it is in the middle of the war anyway when the Dominion attacks Pusedchou. With the help of the Federation crew, can the Odonans defend their planet from the Jem'Hadar?

Episode 11. Staring Through the Gates of Hell
(Part Two)

In Staring Through the Gates of Hell, the second of two parts, things looked grim for the people of Pusedchou as Jem'Hadar soldiers beam into the capital and start firing. The battle is on, as the Athena works itself back into the fray and tries to prevent the Jem'Hadar from landing in force on the planet. Meanwhile, Captain Thorpe, cut off from the ship but with Major-Colonel Chan, is in his own confrontation with the Dominion warriors.

Episode 12. Dawn of the Apocalypse

The starship Athena is called to the dinosaur-ruled world of Cretaceia to remove a former Starfleet officer conducing research considered unethical. At the same time, the ship also encounters a device planted on an asteroid by a previously-unknown group that could alter the course of evolution on Cretaceia.

Episode 13. Ghosts In the Machine

The Athena answers a distress call from a starship that has crashed on a desolate planet, and when the ship arrives and sends down the lander to investigate, they learn that the crew of the Seoul has a rather unique attribute.

Episode 14. Omega

Lieutenant Commander T'Kor joins the crew of the Athena and brings along a mission that the ship is to head into Dominion space and destroy a very dangerous project, a project that only she and Captain Thorpe are supposed to have knowledge of. Not only does the crew figure out what this "project" is, but they find another surprise at this project.

Episode 15. The Naked Reality

En route to a science mission to study a supernova up close, the crew of the Athena finds that the scientists at the research station have died under mysterious terms, and soon enough, that infliction moves over to the starship, where the crew starts to behave in strange, and potentially catastrophic, ways.

Episode 19. Future's Wake

A mysterious Federation starship has been attacking Federation targets away from the front lines, and the Athena and other ships are assigned to track down this ship. When the Athena finds this ship, they she a ship they would not have expected to see, and on board is a crewmember that Captain Thorpe and Lieutenant Matsubara would never have expected to meet.

Episode 20. One Valiant Effort

While returning to the Athena on the Styx, Captain Thorpe and Tactical Officer Vorwoorts intercept a damaged Bajoran ship. In an attempt to beam the survivor on board, they also beam on board an Orb, an Orb that transports them to the time and place of the event they were discussing-the mission of the S.S. Valiant to the edge of the galaxy. Now, Thorpe and Vorwoorts are on board and involved!

Episode 21. An Enemy To Know

A Jem'Hadar ship that the Athena crashes onto a desert planet, and Rocha and the other security officers chase the Vorta. Rocha, in fact, chases the Vorta through an ancient portal and the two find themselves on a planet far, far away. Now they have to rely on each other to survive and find their way back. Can they? Can they learn to trust each other?

Episode 22(A). 2050

This episode is a flashback story similar in design to the "Voyager" episode "11:59" in that it is told in flashback format. It involves the tale of one of Damiko Matsubara's ancestors, Aiko Yanini, as she led the first manned mission that explored the Cydonia region of Mars and its curious-artificial-landforms and the secret that she and her team found there.

Episode 22(B). Righting Wrongs

Sixty-two years earlier, Captain Roger Mueller and the crew of the Clearwater violated the Prime Directive on the planet Kreo, with its pre-warp society. Now, the Athena has been assigned to head to Kreo and assess the consequences, with one of the former Clearwater crewmembers, Jacklyn Chan, on board.

Episode 23. Gift of the Gods

Lieutenant Damiko Matsubara finally gets her promotion to Lieutenant Commander, and then she has to team up with Lieutenant Commander Julia Bayanhong as the Athena investigates a society that is on the edge of extinction, and why that extinction appears to have been speeded up.

Episode 24. The Question of God

The planet of Zedor has suffered through thirty years of a world war, and a Federation anthropology team has been present for most of it. Now with that war entering a decisive stage with nuclear weapons, the Athena has been ordered to the planet to remove the team, a team that is reluctant to leave simply because they have become involved in the religious struggles that were the cause of the war.

Episode 25. In Remembrance

The Athena is the lead ship in a fleet of ships assigned to evacuate the colony at Jeanerret before the advancing Dominion forces arrive. However, the evacuation goes disastrously wrong, trapping among the officers first officer Johnson and assistant security chief Hakamura on the planet, along with terrified civilians and Starfleet marines. Now Johnson and Hakamura have to do what they can to survive, and ensure as many others survive as possible, against the advancing Jem'Hadar. They see the war up close and very ugly.

Episode 26. Song of Liberation (Part One)

The Athena is assigned to the joint Federation-Klingon-Odonan task force to retake the Klingon world of Torkor from the Dominion, but first Captain Thorpe and his crew must link up with the other leaders, the Klingon Bornok and the Odonan Chan Chi. While developing strategy, Thorpe gets the feeling that something is not right, and Chan feels likewise. There is at least one Changeling on board the Athena, and perhaps more. Unless the crew can find these Changelings, the mission at Torkor is doomed to failure.

Episode 27. Song of Liberation (Part Two)

The combined task force of Federation, Klingon and Odonan ships moves towards Torkor and the invasion of that Dominion-held world, and when the battle erupts and the ruling Changeling becomes the goal, Thorpe finds himself directing the campaign on the fly, and while trying to keep the Klingon leader in line.

Episode 28. To Look Towards the Sky

The Federation colony at Upsandrom (Upsilon Andromedae) is under attack, and the Athena adjusts its course to investigate. Upon arrival, they learn that the "attack" was staged by the weather. Now the crew and the survivors of the colony have to determine why the weather on the planet has gone completely bad before it destroys the colony, because Thorpe knows there is no way his ship can evacuate all the survivors. The answers they find are surprising indeed.

Episode 29. Soliloquy

The Athena is at Kent for several days, and while Doctor Psakolaps is off the ship thinking he is to meet the new assistant chief medical officer, he is in fact ambushed and taken to the surface of the planet. In an abandoned castle, Psakolaps meets his brother-in-law who has a proposition to help the doctor remove the debt he has inherited from his father. It is a risky proposition, one that might cost him his career, but he seems to be going along with it, undoubtedly influenced by an intriguing woman who is there to help.

Episode 30. Species Two

The Borg are back! However, this time, the Federation and the starship Athena is not really the target of the Borg. Instead, they have arrived in the Alpha Quadrant to investigate and perhaps challenge their ultimate enemy, the one force that can stop them, the force they call Species Two. And the Athena is right there.

Episode 31. What Dreams They Were

A robot ship has captured a Federation warship damaged in a battle. The Athena rescued the survivors, including the captain, and attempt to track down the captured ship. What they see as a robot ship is in fact much more than that.

Episode 32a. The End Game (Part One)

As the Dominion War begins to wind down, the Athena is assigned to protect the remote planet of Delta Vega from a possible Dominon attack, but en route to that world, the ship comes across a couple of Jem'Hadar warships attacking a civilian ship. The Athena rescued those on the civilian ship, and one of them is a Changeling, Unid, who comes on board with the promise of being able to liberate Betazed without bloodshed. Captain Thorpe found himself going along, and in the end, Unid in fact does accomplish what he said he could do. Now Thorpe has his own decisions to make and actions to take.

Episode 32b. The End Game (Part Two)

It is a race to the wormhole, and Captain Thorpe is hoping to get there as quickly as possible and after the war is over, but he has to deal with Captain Nathan Totten, a man who is giving orders Thorpe believes he is not eligible to give, not to mention that the orders are not exactly in the spirit of the Federation. When Totten finally confronts Thorpe, the ensuing confrontation confuses things greatly. Who, exactly, is the "enemy," and who is the "friend.*quot; In that confrontation, one of the senior officers pays the ultimate price.

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"Righting Wrongs" and the second-series stories are coming soon! Gaps in the listing of episode numbers indicate episodes that are not available at the present time for a variety of reasons.

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