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The following is a list of episodes in the second series of stories for the "Star Trek: Athena" site. All the stories in the second series are set after "The End Game," and by extension after the Dominion War. All the episodes in Series 2 are now available.

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Series Two Stories

Episode 33. The Memory of the Man

The Athena pays a visit to Aleksandr Rocha's homeworld of Tiberius II, where Captain Thorpe meets his family and his brother and sister. At the same time, T'Kor begins to investigate a quasi-religious movement called "Humanity United," and begins to feel that it might be a Ksassan front. To read this story off-line, download the story [file name, file size 56.7K].

Episode 34. Victory Everywhere But Here

The Athena has returned to Earth, and the crew temporarily scatters. While Captain Thorpe attends a board of inquiry investigating his role in the incidents at the very end of the Dominion war, he also has to contemplate his new senior officer staff while the starship is repaired. Thorpe also sees the devastation of the Breen attack on San Francisco, and experiences a "slice of life" on the Federation's most important world. To read this story off-line, download the story [file name, file size 63.6K].

Episode 35. Nothing Is Faster than the Speed of Light

Just when the Athena jumps to warp, something happens, and Captain Thorpe finds himself in an alternative reality in the year 2376. When the Star Sojourner probe returns with shocking pictures from Alpha Centauri, something awakens in Thorpe, and he begins to track down the rest of the senior officers, who, like him, have lived entire lives in this alternative reality. They soon view this strange world in quite a different light, and understand why it happened. To read this story off-line, download the story [file name, file size 66.7K].

Episode 36. Demons of Air and Darkness

While leaving Tkon IX after dropping off supplies to the archaeologists there, the Athena inexplicably is transported forward in time by about three days. The crew is unable to find out any reason for this, and so continue on with their journeys. However, mysterious, disjointed dreams that some members of the crew start to have might help piece together what happened to the ship during those missing days. To read this story off-line, download the story [file name, file size 50.7K].

Episode 37. Eight Times Over (Part One)

The Athena meets up with Captain Edna Tsang, a freighter captain, who brings news that a little-known race, the Vinarians, are preparing to invade the world occupied by the Amharese, another little-known race. Tsang convinces the Athena to get involved. The ship heads to Amhar, only to realize that the simple story that Tsang gave, that one race is going to invade another, is not so simple afterall. To read this story offline, download the story [file name, file size 49.2K].

Episode 38. Eight Times Over (Part Two)

The crew of the Athena learns that the Vinarians are in fact the original inhabitants of the planet now called Amhar, so it is not completely surprising that the Vinarians show up in force and decide that they will retake the planet and deport the Amharese. Given they are just one ship, what could Captain Thorpe and the Athena do? To read this story offline, download the story [file name, file size 51.9K]

Episode 39. The Long Journey Home

One of the mysteries of early space exploration is what happened to the first Saturn mission, which failed upon approach to Saturn when the engines failed. The ship sailed out of the solar system and was never found-until now. The Athena finds this ship a long, long way from home, its cryogenic chambers still functioning and the one survivor still on board. But is everything here as it seems? To read this story offline, download the story [file name, file size 52.5K]

Episode 40. The Day of Living Dangerously

The starliner Galaxy Destiny is heading to the new colony Ramsadon, and on board is a friend of helmsman Sanjay Indesakar, Pali Arudhupur. The ship is contained by pirates intent on boarding and attacking the ship once it drops out of warp, and in the process, the pirate vessels have surrounded the starliner and are jamming communications. Arudhupur, with help from the starliner's officers, gets a message out, and the Athena responds, but can it get to Ramsadon in time, even as Arudhupur becomes the target for the accomplices of the pirates already on board. To read this story offline, download the story [filename, file size 57.7K]

Episode 41. Things Remembered

The Athena encounters a most peculiar nebula, and when the ship is drawn into the nebula, the entire crew finds itself in some bizarre manifestation of a medieval city, with streets that are like a maze. Now the objective is to get back to the ship, visible to all suspended in the sky, but getting back to where the ship is and then getting back on board, with absolutely no technology available and no way to contact the ship, is not as easy as it seems. To read this story offline, download the story [filename,file size 75K]

Episode 42. Al Rashid

The last stop of the Athena before arriving at Odona is the Odonan star system of Al Rashid, where the crew has a chance for one day of shore leave on Alarashada, one of four class-M planets in the system. Four officers of the second shift decide to take in the sights in Rashad, a city of 110,000,000 people, while Thorpe and Matsubara tour the spectacular Le'e Valley. Meanwhile, Bayanhong gets involved with an old professor who claims to have proof that the Odonans did not settle on an unoccupied planet, but obliterated the original inhabitants before settling there. To read this story offline, download the story [filename, file size 60.2K]

Episode 43. Traitor's Son (Part One)

The Athena arrives at Odona, where Captain Thorpe and the crew of the starship are honoured for their actions in the defense of Pusedchou during the Dominion War. After the ceremony, Thorpe encounters a mysterious human who knew too much about Thorpe's father, and implies, perhaps, that he survived and might be found on Gisch, the highly secretive planet in the Odonan Empire. The stranger takes him to the planet, where they are promptly captured by the authorities. To read the story offline, download the story [filename, file size 53.7K]

Episode 44. Traitor's Son (Part Two)

Captain Thorpe, on Gisch, begins to learn some things that perhaps he would rather not know about. He learns he does not know all there was to know about his father, but the more he learns, the more he realizes that something here is not right. Thorpe just might have stumbled upon a group that has a most sinister way of attemping to influence the galaxy, and he is beginning to see the role his father has in all of this-and the role he might have too, completely unwittingly. To read the story offline, download the story [filename, file size 59.5K]

Episode 45. What Lies Behind

It is Lt. Cmdr. Henrietta Vorwoorts' first command assignment, a simple task of heading to a non-aligned planet to retrieve a couple of Federation citizens there. However, the citizens have other ideas than simply letting Vorwoorts take them back to Deep Space Thirteen, and soon take Vorwoorts and three other officers to a planet of permanent vacations-and Vorwoorts believes that is too good to be true. To read the story offline, download the story [filename, file size 56.4K]

Episode 46. Against the Fall of Night

The Athena, back to exploration, heads out into generally unexplored space, and comes across a subspace beacon that draws the ship to a dying world. On that planet is a very limited civilization, and a very old one too. That civilization believes that the entire galaxy is old and dying, just like their world, but one young man-the only young person on the planet-has other ideas. To read the story offline, download the story [filename, file size 54.7K]

Episode 47. The Mind

Lt. Kelsey Hann had been left behind on Deep Space Thirteen to await the arrival of some new crewmembers, who will rendezvous with the Athena on the Defiant-class Kursk, but on the way there, the Kursk experiences a catastrophic failure of the warp engines, which had been highly modified by the ship's rather eccentric crew. Hann does what he can to save as many people on board as possible, including an officer with a secret she shares only reluctantly. The escape pods end up on Mur, with Hann injured and treated by the Murians, who only have their own physiology to guide them in the treatment. Hann wakes up with a new ability. To read the story offline, download the story [filename, file size 54.1K]

Episode 48. The Dream of Fire

The Athena encounters a world that is entirely an ocean, but underneath is evidence of some kind of structures having been built. The ship investigates, and in the process, encounters a species of jellyfish-like creatures that seem unusually curious. Are they sentient? Hann heads on the away mission, if only to get away from the majority of the crew for a shot while, and he becomes most interested in the jellyfish while others on board examine the structure hat they found. To read the story offline, download the story [filename, file size 51.3K]

Episode 49. No Common Tongue

Bayanhong leads an away team answering a distress call when they encounter a previously-unknown alien race. It is a struggle for survival as the two sides struggle to communicate with each other while attempting to outwit the elements and attempt to understand who built the facilities that they found and why. To read the story off-line, download the story [filename, file size 53.8K]

Episode 50. Red Sky At Dawn...

To the Federation after the Dominion War, there is only one possible threat left to it, the Ksassans--or so believes one faction that appears to be behind an attempt to provoke the Ksassans into a war they cannot win. The Athena, with a Ksassan intelligence agent on board, is on the trail to track down two stolen Ksassans warcruisers, and they do find them--attacking a Federation world. The Athena manages to defeat the Ksassan ships, but in the process learn more about the possible conspiracy and also encounter a ship belonging to this group. To read the story off-line, download the story [filename, file size 54.8K]

Episode 51. ...Red Sky At Dusk

Her mission on the Athena complete, the Ksassan agent is returned to Cas, but on the way there, the ship starts to learn that some catastrophe had befallen the planet and the Ksassan Empire in general. Sure enough, once the ship arrives at Cas, they find the planet a nuclear wasteland with no possible survivors. The agent, breaking down at seeing the destruction, informs first officer Julia Bayanhong that it is possible that some elements of Ksassan society have survived at a secret location, and she asks that the ship take her there. Afterall, if the Ksassan Realm has been destroyed, then the "retaliation" that the Ksassans had promised can be revealed. To read the story off-line, download the story [filename, file size 51.0K]

Episode 52. Intrinsically Weak

An artificial intelligence has infected a world, and destroyed it. The Athena rescues some of the survivors, and inadvertently picks up the AI as well. That AI infects the starship's computers and brings it back to its originating world. Now it is a race against time to get control back before the AI can download the secrets of the Federation to its originating world. To read the story off-line, download the story [filename, file size 56.7K]

Episode 53. Now, Then and Again

The Athena intercepts an Orion raider that is only too eager to get rid of the contraband on board, artificats that turn out to be Preserver in origin. However, Matsubara, while investigating the artificats, finds out that not only are they Preserver, but they involve Federation technology and are of recent origin. Now, she and the scientists on board the Athena are attempting to use these artifacts to deduce the true nature of the Preservers. To read the story off-line, download the story [filename, file size 50.4K]

Episode 54. The Perfect Solution

The Athena has been ordered to find the missing Geological Survey ship Logan, and when they do, they find that they have to now find the cause for that ship's demise. At the same time, Captain Thorpe has to deal with the problem of an encrypted data download from Starfleet Command, and he does not have the decoding key. To read the story off-line, download the story [filename, file size 57.0K]

Episode 55. Endpoint Zero

Descendants of the Athena have been enslaved by the Huryekhi, and some of them have determined there is only one way to avoid their fate, and that is to commendeer a Huryekhi starship and go back in time to encounter the Athena when it first encounterd the Huryekhi. To read the story off-line, download the story [filename, file size 56.2 K]

Episodes 56 and 57. Ringworld Part One and Part Two

The Athena finds a magnificant structure quite similar to a "Ringworld" postulated by science-fiction writer Larry Niven hundreds of years earlier. While investigating the structure and its hundreds of races, from all over the Alpha Quadrant, living on it, an accident damages the device that creates night and day and the seasons on the Ringworld. Now, the crew of the Athena is in a race against time to repair the damage before sunshine at eternal high noon overheats the environment. It just might be too much for one crew and one starship to do. To read the story off-line, download the story. Both parts are together in this download file. [filename, file size 119.1 K]

Episode 58. Both Sides Now

One year later, is the Dominion War truly over? The Dominion still exists in the Gamma Quadrant, but the Federation appears to have the upper hand, and in fact has negotiated the admission of the first Gamma Quadrant race, the Alaisians. The Athena is one of the ships that is sent on the first diplomatic mission to Alaisia, but once there, the ship and the others are attacked by a group of renegade Jem'Hadar who believe that what the Federation says is not necessarily what they are doing. Will the war resume, or will the Dominion split into its own civil war? To read the story off-line, download the story. [filename, file size 67.9 K]

Episode 59. What Lies Beyond the Farthest Star

Since the Athena is in the Gamma Quadrant, it returns to an alien structure that had been previously encountered. The crew finds the structure destroyed, but the mysterious wormhole it supposedly "guarded" was still there. Taking the ultimate risk, Captain Thorpe takes the Athena through this wormhole. At the other end is something quite unexpected. To read the story off-line, download the story. [filename, file size 55.1 K]

Episode 60. The Unimaginable Part One and Part Two

In this double-length episode, Captain Thorpe and the Athena learn that Federation scientists have determined that Rigel will go supernova within a year, forcing a scramble to evacuate billions from the inhabited planets in the system. The Athena is assigned to escort a diplomatic team to Odona to negotiate for use of the hypergates to allow speedier trips to and from Rigel. While at Odona, one member of the crew, Mohammed Hassen, gets himself into some serious trouble with local authorities. It soon becomes clear that getting the Odonans to agree to loaning out hypergate technology is not that easy. To read the story off-line, download the story. Both parts are in the same file in the download version. [filename, file size 149.0 K]

Episode 61. Outside the Box

While en route to Ramsadon, the Athena is trapped by a previously-unknown spatial phenomenon. It soon becomes apparent that Captain Thorpe has a choice to make to save his ship and/or its crew, and each is equally risky and equally likely to succeed. To make matters more complicated, Sanjay Indesakar is running a command-school simulation in the holodeck and is unaware of what is happening, even as the computers go completey chaotic. To read the story off-line, download the story. [filename, file size 56.0 K]

Episode 62. Euclid's Day

The Athena visits Ramsadon to see if it is suitable for settling the refugees from the Rigel system, and to pick up a diplomatic team that had been working there. At the same time, T'Kor encounters a scientist, Carolynne Wan, who does not believe that the Rigel star will in fact supernova, and that the data suggesting it has been fabricated. Before she can present her proof, she is found dead from a local parasitical disease. T'Kor believes that her death was no accident, and now has to find proof and perhaps even the killer. To read the story off-line, download the story. [file name, file size 61.1 K]

Episode 63. The Big Bright Boom

With doubts about the data and the methodology leading to the conclusion of the impending supernova at Rigel being questioned, the Athena proposes a test, to go back in time and put the same sensor array around a very similar star that they knew went supernova thousands of years earlier. Starfleet agrees to the wild plan, and Captain Thorpe soon finds himself in the past with a man on board who is determined that the Athena never return to the present. To read the story off-line, download the story. [file name, file size 60.1 K]

Episode 64. Tribal Rights

Commander Dewuchun and another officer find themselves trapped on a civilian ship, with two people on board whose mission is to go back in time and effect significant changes in Earth's history, to prevent the colonization of the North American continent. To read the story off-line, download the story. [file name, file size 59.1 K]

Episode 65. Troubles and Tribbles

Strange circumstances abound as the Athena arrives at Sherman's World, where one of the commanders of Station K7 is surprised to see the ship appear at all and the other is surprised that the survey team is not on board. While Captain Thorpe deals with that, first officer Bayanhong learns that some tribbles did survive the Klingons' Great Tribble Hunt. To read the story off-line, download the story. [file name, file size 68.2 K]

Episode 66. All's Quiet on the Antispinward Front

The Klinzhai Klingons are threatening civil war against the Klingons from Qo'nos, and the Athena and other ships find themselves asked to help the Klingons defend against their relentless internal foes. To read the story off-line, download the story. [file name, file size 73.7 K]

Episode 67. Pursuit or Capture

The Athena is sent to the planet Avoa, a prewarp culture where 400 billion people live on an environmentally degraded planet, because information has led Starfleet to believe that civilians are interfering with the culture. At the same time, first officer Bayanhong has to deal with a personal dispute between two members of the crew. To read the story off-line, download the story. [file name, file size 66.9 K]

Episode 68. Confidence Man

The Athena arrives at Rigel to be on hand when the first hypergate comes on-line, and while there, Captain Thorpe once more runs into Rene Luck, who has uncovered a plot to destroy the Orion homeworld by infecting it with a long-dormant and dangerous disease--or has he? To read the story off-line, download the story. [file name, file size 66.6 K]

Episode 69. Confluence (Part One)

The Athena, along with a number of other ships, are sent to Voy to supervise the admission of Voy into the Federation, but things go disastrously wrong when a faction of Voyans who do not wish for their world to join the Federation attack the Federation officials on the planet and the ships in orbit, capturing the former and forcing the latter to flee.

Episode 70. Confluence (Part Two)

Captain Thorpe, unaware that a replicant has replaced him on the Athena links up with the Alexandria captain, Hayley Lee, and the Odonans, and he is unsure of who to trust but very determined to find out what is going on and to stop it. Very little appears to be what it seems. To read the story off-line, download the story. Both parts of "Confluence" are in this download file. [file name, file size 177.7 K]

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All episodes in Series 2 are now posted. I hope that you have enjoyed the second series of "Athena" episodes, as I have enjoyed writing them and making them available. More stories are to come in Series 3, which will start to appear soon.

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