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The stories in "Star Trek: Athena" are like episodes in a television series, and these episodes constitute the majority of the content of the site. Afterall, visitors to "Star Trek" fan-fiction sites want to read the stories. There are a lot of stories here, and they are grouped into series. The series are not quite the same as television seasons, but rather cover a theme. Currently, three full series are posted and the fourth series is a work in progress. This page contains the links to the individual series, which in turn have links to the individual stories.

Series 1

Series 1 covers episodes 1 to 32, although some episodes are skip-numbered and not all episodes are posted for various reasons. The range in stardates is from 50735.2 to 52980.4. The stories start with Captain Thorpe assuming command of the Athena after the second Borg incursion of Earth as shown in the movie "First Contact." The stories then track the role of the Athena through the Dominion War, to the conclusion as shown in the "Deep Space Nine" finale.

Series 2

Series 2 covers episodes 33 to 70, with a range in stardates of 53015.1 to 54620.8. All episodes in Series 2 are posted. The stories open with the aftereffects of the war, with Commander Julia Bayanhong assuming the first officer post. There are some stand-alone episodes, but hints of what is to come as Captain Thorpe starts to hear things about his father. Then, halfway through the series, a situation arises in which the Rigel star appears to be heading towards a supernova, and there are billions of people the Federation has to get out of the system.

Series 3

Series 3 covers episodes 71 to 101 (the series finale is a two-part episode), starting with stardate 54647.3 and ending around stardate 56001.4, and it starts with the aftereffects of the events at Rigel and a conspiracy that arose after the Dominion War as a means to make the Federation "better." In the second half of the series, the Ksassans get restless and start to pursue their agenda, leading to the capture of Philentrophia--Sal Hakamura's home planet. The Athena then lands the assignment to further explore the Omerra Open Cluster, but with an eye to the situation developing in the Federation. All episodes in Series 3 are now posted and available..

Series 4

Series 4 starts with Episode 102, with the first two dealing with the aftereffects of the concluding episodes in Series 3. The next few take the Athena to what once was the Arosian Empire, destroyed about sixty years previously. An overall story arc may evolve out of the situation described in Episode 103, "Silver", or may deal with the Romulans and the aftereffects of the death of Spock and the reunification movement, which may in turn lead to the events that destroyed Romulus in the J.J. Abrahms reboot of "Star Trek," although with some differences. One might wonder, Spock is dead? Well, for me anyway, in "Athena" stories, it has become customary that when the actor protraying a claxsic-series character dies in real life, his character dies at the point of the "Athena" timeline I am at. I did it with McCoy and Scott, so I am doing the same with Spock too. An overall arc and the number of episodes in the series are still details to be worked out.

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