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The following is a list of episodes in the fourth series of stories for the "Star Trek: Athena" site. The stories in Series 4 follow the events of "By the First Light of Dawn," and the series starts with Episode 102, with no end point decided yet. The first few stories in Series 4 will be coming soon, with the first three written and waiting final editing, and the next two are works in process.

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Series Four Stories

Episode 102. Coming Home

After the events in the final episodes of Series 3, ending the Ksassan incursion into Federation space, the Athena returns to Earth, for a period of transition. Captain Thorpe reconnects with Matsubara and his son, while Vorwoorts deals with family and friends, Indesakr with his plans to move into the command track, Brigson with her former commander on the Socrates, and Bayanhong reunites with the comsfosaur Dusty. At the same time, they get a hint of how attitudes on Earth towards Starfleet are changing, meaning that these sensior officers on the Athena are learning who their new family seems to be. They come together over ther concern for Dusty. To read the story off-line, download the PDF version of the story. [file name coming_home.pdf, file size 612 K]

Episode 103. Silver

There is still unfinished business from the Ksassan incursion; the fact that the Ksassans continue to hold the non-Federation planet Waukins, and the people of Waukins are requesting assistance to throw off the Ksassan occupiers. The Federation responds with a task foece, of which the Athena and the Overseer ship Dublin are part of. They get assistance from an unlikely source, a Ksassan scientist who claims he can defeat the Borg cube still at Waukins, but he also informs Captain Thorpe, Admiral Quinn and others of a potential dangerous new threat. To read the story off-line, download the PDF version of the story. [file name silver.pdf, file size 634 K]

Episode 104. Indistinguishable from Magic

The Federation starship U.S.S. Clements, a Galaxy-class starship, had been conducting a long-term exploration mission in the remains of the Arosian Empire when it stopped communicating with Starfleet. The Athena is sent to look for the missing ship and its crew, and so head to the last known location of the ship, a planet whose name in the Arosian language suggests some kind of time portal, and they soon run into actual Arosians as well. To read the story off-line, download the PDF version of the story. [file name indistinguishable_from_magic.pdf, file size 565 K]

Episode 105. Principles

After determining what happened to the Clements, the crew of the Athena attempt to undo the damage, but realize that might not always be desirable and that learning that undoing what the other starship is not always easy, but there are still principles to maintain. To read the story off-line, download the PDF version of the story. [file name principles.pdf, file size 494 K]

Episode 106. The Hiding Game

Whilte tracking down the alien race and the homeworld of the race that built the time core on Hollos, so that the Arosians on board can return to their proper time, the Athena detects a signal from the remnants of a race that the Arosians had destroyed some time in the past, or so they thought. This race, the Yudens, have a startling secret. To read the story off-line, download the PDF version of the story. [file name the_hiding_game.pdf, file size 462 K]

Episode 107. Eve of Destruction

While travelling back to the Federation after leaving Arosian space, the Athena observe a star that seemingly just disappears. They investigate and find that a powerful alien weapon was used to destroy the star and by extension the planets in the star's system. The cres determines where the device came fom and at the site, determines that one of the three copies of the weapon in unaccounted for.

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These are the stories so far in Series 4 of "Star Trek: Athena," and I hope that you have enjoyed reading these stories as much as I have writing and posting them. Episodes 102 to 106 have been written with the first four of these now posted, while Episode 106 is waiting edtiing hile Episode 107, "Eve of Destruction" is a plot outline, the story still to be written.

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