The latest "Athena" novel is available as an e-book. The novel has been converted to the standard e-book format, an .epub file, complete with the cover illustration and separate files for each chapter so that the chapters will load more quickly. This file has been tested on the Kobo Reader for the simple reason that I have that particular device. It should work on other devices like the Nook, Sony E-Reader and perhaps the Kindle as well, but I have not tested it on those devices nor have I heard from others who have tried. In addition, the novel should work on e-book applications in smartphones and portable devices, although if these can connect to the Internet, the on-line version is accessible as well. To install the novel in your e-book reader, download the file and save to your local hard drive. Unzip the file and then install it into the e-book reader as you would any other e-book on your computer. There are no digital rights management to this e-book file, and it can be distriubted, but I ask that you do not do this. Guide others who wish to read this novel to this website and have them download it themselves. The e-book file is provided free of charge, and no liability is offered to the use of the file in your e-book reader.

UPDATE: I have learned that the Kindle does not read epub files. However, another reader has provided me with the Kindle version, which can be downloaded here. After unzipping this file, it can be added to the Kindle as any other .mobi file is added. Thanks from Richard Merk for doing the conversion for me.

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