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Welcome to the "Star Trek: Athena" website, a site on the Web featuring the stories of the Starship Athena. On this site, in addition to the stories, is some background information on the ship and the characters. The creators of this site welcomes reader submissions and ideas and corrections to the stories and any other details that can be found here.


June 17, 2015.Contrary to popular opinion, the "Star Trek: Athena" site is not dead and I have not stopped working on it, or at least on "Athena" stories. What has happened is that life can be complicated, as there are lots of things to do and lots of projects to work on and I have struggled to get some of them done. Well, one of those projects was the next novel, Dawn, which is the second "Athena" novel. The delay in getting the novel posted was due to issues with the e-book version, the primary issue being I forgot how to use the software that generates the e-book file. Now, however, I have gotten past those issues and the novel, in three formats, online reading, a downloadable .rtf file and the e-book, is now available. In "Dawn," the Athena is sent to Vulcan to pick up a team, including T'Pring, yes, the same woman from the Original Series episode "Amok Time," and taking them to a sector of space that is empty but which the Vulcans are convinced a phenomenon will appear that occurs only once every five thousand years or so. The Vulcans are rather reluctant to part with information on what the crew would find there, but it does become apparent that T'Pring has a hidden agenda.

April 24, 2013.The last two episodes in Series 3 are now posted, and this completes Series 3. The last two episodes form a two-part story that concludes the Series 3 arc. The first is By the First Light of Dawn (Part One), and in this story, preparations are being made for the invasion of Philentrophia, which Captain Thorpe and the Athena will lead, while other task forces strike at the other occupied planets. Preparations are made both on the ships and on the surface of the planet, as a plan is worked at and put into effect. In By the First Light of Dawn (Part Two), the invasion begins. Sal Hakamura leads his group on the ground, and Inizi Dewuchun has her mission, and the Athena and the Dublin and the other ships will see if the Overseer weapons will work on the Borg cube. Will the invasion succeed, and if it does, at what cost?

March 15, 2013. Two of the last four episodes of Series 3 are now available. In The Wages of War, the search for diberyllium at Clare continues, but unbeknowst to the crew of the Athena, a second Ksassan ship is in the Omerra Open Cluster, searching for the missing first ship. At the same time, Captain Thorpe is considering alternate means to acquire the necessary materials to make the Overseer weapons work. Following that is As One. The mission of the Athena in the Omerra Open Cluster has come to an end, and the ship returns to Deep Space Thirteen. The Dublin is diverted to Earth, but then develops engine trouble. The Athena heads to where the Overseer ship was, only to find a surprise there. The fears of further Ksassan attacks on the Federation runs high.

February 7, 2013. The next three episodes in the final run of ten episodes for Series 3 have now been posted. In The Mentor, the crew of the Athena learn of a hidden Overseer planet that they name Eire, and they send a runabout, commanded by Lieutenant Commander Indesakar to investigate, and at this hidden site, they make quite the discovery. In the second of the three episodes, Hunted or Hunter, the Devon under the command of Commander Bayanhong, heads to Clare and the possibility that diberyllium can be found there. All they find there is a mysterious Overseer facility—and trouble in the form of a Ksassan warcruiser that has come to the Omerra Open Cluster looking for the Athena. In the third episode posted, Under A Foreign Gun, the setting is Philentrophia, and how is the planet handling being under Ksassan occupation? Sal Hakamura finds himself involved in the resistence movement along with survivors from the Astrogold, and Rodall Dewuchun's wife, Inizi, also trapped on the planet, finds herself involved.

December 14, 2012. The first three of the final run of ten epiosdes are now on the site. Up first is To Explore Strange New Worlds. Commander Bayanhong is given command of the Devon as exploration of the Omerra Open Cluster begins. She has a skeleton crew including Enxya Djurkurn, a Betazoid officer with information that could lead the crew to the Overseers' Preserver monument and a key to unlocking their language. The second episode is The Relic. A signal generated at the Overseers' Planet identifies Overseer installations that may be functioning, including a mysterious one at Silgo. The Athena lander heads there to investigate. The third episode is The Ghost of Deep Space Nineteen. In this story, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers are converting an old Overseer station into Deep Space 19, and the signal sent from the Overseers' Planet activated something there. Djurkurn and others head to the station to analyze this development, but there is an explosion, and suddenly Captain Thorpe and Djurkurn are in a situation they did not expect.

August 9, 2012. The next three episodes of series three are now posted. The first is How Far. In this story, the Athena makes contact with the Sosans, who appear in a disabled ship and take an unnatural interest in the female crewmembers. They select one, Lt. Com. Vorwoorts, and get her on board their vessel for a peculiar reason. In the next two episodes, the Athena heads to the Omerra Open Cluster, and this becomes a case of "be careful what you wish for; you just might get it." In Thread Carefully, the Athena and its crew are sent to the Cluster, and get a taste of the dangers that they can face when dealing with the legacy of the Overseers—and an appreciation of their asset. In A Feast of Dust, the runabout Irrawaddy with Commander Vorwoorts and Chief Engineer Dewuchun on board are sent to Cork to look for the missing two Devon, and once there encounter just about the last thing they need to deal with, the closest thing to zombies one will find in the "Trek" universe.

July 6, 2012. Now posted is Lost and Alone. The Athena is assigned a simple mission to pick up Ambassador Francis Dilliard and his team from the planet Hrova, but of course, nothing is simple. When the ship arrives, the crew learns that Dilliard is missing.

June 28, 2012: Three more episodes of Series 3 are now on the site. The first is a stand-alone episode, Remember Him, in which the Athena investigates the same kind of subspace wave that occurred a century earlier in the "Lazarus incident," and find a peculiar man on an out-of-the-way planet with peculiar technology that just might be of interest to some. That is followed by the two-part episode Beating the Drums of War, which concerns the Ksassan invasion of several small Federation colony worlds, including Philentrophia. It is the latter planet that the Athena had just finished visiting and to which it has to return to help defend. This two-part episode begins the final overall arc for the second half of the Series 3 stories.

March 30, 2012: The next three episodes of Series 3 are now on the site. Leading off is Scrambled Eggs, where the Athena encounters a derelict A-Po ship bearing many eggs of the species. The second episode is Hook, in which the ship encounters the wreck of the Vanguard, soon identified as a ship from the future. While attempting to assess its purpose and the cryptic message of the last survivor, there is a surprise on board for chief science officer Grace Brigson. Finally, there is Home Ground, where the Athena responds to a subspace-transmitted distress call from the prewarp civilization on Zekred, a world under "alien" attack. All three episodes are stand-alone episodes and not part of any arc.

January 18, 2012: The next three episode of Series 3 are now posted. The first is David. While the Athena is at Earth and Captain Thorpe is lobbying for the next mission, Commander Bayanhong meets a former friend. Up next is By Thy Own Hands. The Athena is underway, and Thorpe finds himself involved in the world of the continuoulsy-running holodeck characters, especially that of Eperingham Shore, and he has to decide if they are true lifeforms or not. Finally, there is The Underside, in which security chief Sal Hakamura works undercover on a civilian ship to find out who is running weapons to a prewarp planet.

September 3, 2011: Three more episodes of Series 3 are now posted. The first is Revisited, and in this story, a time-shifting story, Captain Thorpe and Commander Matsubara find themselves in an alternate future, which Thorpe believes is wrong. They set out to make things right again. The second is the two-part story Winter In Winnipeg, Spring in Kyoto. Here, Matsubara, on the verge of giving birth, spends a little time on Risa, only to have Thorpe again follow his heart and not his head on matters concerning his father. Will he finally get the answers this time, even if the search takes him to the Gamma Quadrant?

August 10, 2011: The next three episodes of Series 3 are now posted. The three are Until the End of the World, Soul Selling and Once More Into the Fire. This is actually a three-part story, in which the crew of the Athena first head to Rigel to try to understand what is happening with the star there and also to deal with the disruption of subspace. Finding the consequences far more serious than anticipated, the ship and its crew travel first to Cas and then deep into the galaxy.

July 1, 2011: The download file for "Dead In Space" is now posted. Go to the Series 3 episode list to access the file.

June 29, 2011: The first two episodes of Series 3 are now posted. In Dead In Space, the Athena, with the combined crews of the Athena and the Alexandria, is heading back to Earth when something disrupts subspace, making warp travel impossible and trapping the ship far from any star. In Once They Were Cyborgs, the Athena is at Earth, and Commander Matsubara announces her pregnancy to her family, just as there is another Borg incursion at Earth. This Borg cube, however, acts a little differently than the previous ones.

June 22, 2011: The last three episodes of Series 2 are now posted, Confidence Man, Confluence (Part One) and Confluence (Part Two). The Series 2 episode list page has the synopsis for these stories, but I can safely say that Series 2 does not end with a cliffhanger. I do not write them like that. I know thta I assumed that I would get these posted by the end of April, but as it turned out, my estimate was somewhat off. Suddenly having fifty- to sixty-hour workweeks will do that. However, they are up now. In addition, the Series 3 episode list is also posted. There are a lot more stories with the crew of the Athena to come.

At last, after many years, the novel "The Gaze of Night" is now available. The entire novel, all twenty-six chapters, are now posted. In addition to reading the novel on-line and the downloadable version, there is also the e-book version. The novel can be downloaded as a standard e-book file and installed in an e-book reader like the Kobo Reader (check the link above for further information). The novel "The Gaze of Night" deals with the story of Nadine Johnson after she left the Athena at the end of the Dominion War. She was promoted to captain and given command of the U.S.S. Majestica, the first Epic-class starship in the service of the Federation. In the proving and test flights of the new ship and her new crew, things did not go well at all. This novel is the story of what happened next.
In addition to the novel, four more episodes have also been posted, Tribal Rights, Troubles and Tribbles, All's Quiet On the Antispinward Front and Pursuit or Capture. See the series-two index page for further details on what these stories are about. As usual, for the episodes, on-line reading and downloading the stories are the available options, as e-book versions of these are not available yet.

Hopefully, new content will appear faster on the site than it had over the past two years. The third "Athena" novel is called "Iceball," and it concerns the ship coming to a planet that appears to be in the final stages of icing over, becoming a "global ice ball," and extinguishing the culture located there. That culture had reached out into space perhaps to let the galaxy know it was there but not for much longer. Before the Athena could answer the call, a civilian starship with a lesser grasp on the Prime Directive had received the same message. In addition to that, some stories in Series 4 have been written and are awaiting final editing. Hopefully these will come soon. See the Series 4 index page to see what is coming.

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